Frequently Asked Questions

Why Litres?!

The weight of each petal fluctuates when they are exposed to different conditions, such as humidity and so I measure your petals in volume rather than by weight.
My simple, good ol' fashioned measuring jug is filled to the brim with your petals and then gently tipped in to the packaging (being honest, I always add an extra handful too) and it's sent on its way to you!

In order to give you a really good idea of just how many people 1 litre of confetti will cover I have done a super high tech test...
My hands are fairly dinky & one litre of confetti is eleven handfuls (handful shown in photo)
My Husbands hands are not so dinky & one litre of confetti is eight handfuls

Giving a rough Dreaming of Confetti, super technical guide of 8-11 handfuls per litre!

Do you only offer mixed petals?
I have learnt that flowers all fall and dry differently, I know - revolutionary information there! But seriously, this is why I rarely make one flower confetti. I’ve found that in order to add depth and create that “moment” multiple layers of different shape, shade and sized petals are best.
Of course your confetti is your call entirely and if you do have your heart set on petals from one particular flower, I always try to source flowers of varying sizes, in order to create the amazing shower and to give your photographers plenty of time to capture it! 

Why petal confetti?
Since we married even the biodegradable paper has become lots less desirable for venues (unfortunately it seemed that folk were falsely advertising their confetti as biodegradable when it wasn’t) and so floral confetti has become the go to for many venues – after all petals are natures confetti!
My confetti is 100% natural, nothing added to preserve them, no scents, no dyes – just natures own beautiful creation dried and packaged!

Why are do some petals have brown edges?
Nature. I do my absolute best to maintain the stunning colour but sometimes discolouration can happen. In my opinion this adds dimension and a beautiful rustic feel to your confetti, I am unable to guarantee that each petal will be 100% perfect, they are a natural product and it is mostly Mother Nature’s call at how they dry.
This is another reason I will update you through the process, any petals that I pause for even half a second over, I will photograph and send to you for your approval.

When should I order?
The confetti will keep for up to one year and so if you wish for me to send it out early that is absolutely fine, I tend to send it out around 2 weeks before your wedding day.


What is the buying process?

This is detailed in the "How It Works" tab

Collection or Delivery?
I offer collection from my home in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Postage is of course another option and I will always use Royal Mail signed for delivery, the speed of that is up to you and we can discuss this once you are ready for me to post your confetti

real dried petal confetti