About Dreaming of Confetti

Who I Am & What I Do

Okay, the formalities first.
Hello, my name is Katherine (that's my face just there) and I am the lady behind Dreaming of Confetti. 

Now, the important stuff - I am a wife to an amazing man, I am a dog Mum to a sassy Husky X and to a diva of a Shih-Tzu, Christmas is my absolute most favourite time of year aaand I’m also a bit of a geek and will talk your ear off about Greek Mythology, Ancient Egypt, Percy Jackson & co and Harry Potter.
I believe that Mother Nature should be respected and thanked for the wonderful gifts she gives us and so I am passionate about being a sustainable & environmentally friendly business.
I believe life is for making the most of and I love all things celebratory. In my eyes any occasion is an occasion to be celebrated but I must say, Weddings are my favourite!

Meet The Maker

How I Work

When deciding to go ahead and take the plunge I went online to have a look around and honestly, my mind was BLOWN with the choices of petals, weights and the sheer overwhelming amount of information given. (Not that that’s a bad thing at all, it just gave me a bit of a headache!)

So, I decided I would streamline the faff. I figured that weddings are stressful enough without being overwhelmed by confetti choice!

That’s why you’ll find the cost per litre on here but not tonnes of details about choice of flowers and what not, why? Because no mix is the same and it’s YOUR confetti!
If you want pink, you’ll get pink. If you want yellow with a hint of blue, that’s what you’ll get (and so on) It is my job to create the confetti shower that you dream of and I will update you each step of the way with the progress!

If you don't mind what colour of petals are thrown at you, I also have an Off The Shelf Mix, which is a mix of mixes and is always in stock! 

Kat and Ben Wedding 0782.jpg


I knew I wanted that confetti "moment" at my wedding since I was young and so, when it came time for our special day, I made sure I created exactly that! We joked at the time that we would be Dreaming of Confetti for years to come...
I used biodegradable tissue paper and I hope you love the photo of it as much as I do. Times have changed slightly and churches and venues now prefer petal confetti as that is 100% biodegradable and natural, whereas some papers only market themselves as that and aren't eco-friendly at all - which is such a shame!

Since then lots of my lovely friends, even strangers on social media platforms have asked me for advice with their confetti and I have often ended up making theirs for them too!
One such friend told me many times that I should go into business doing this, that I thought of everything and my attention to detail was so reassuring - well, after ummmimg and ahhhing (and a slight push from a little virus you may have heard of) I went for it!
When it came to a company name there was only one option and Dreaming of Confetti was born!

How It All Began...

real dried petal confetti